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traumayouth's Journal

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Young! Malik Ishtar (Glow)
23 December
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[Yu-Gi-Oh Dressing]
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Name: Malik Ishtar
Nickname: Glow
Physical Age: 10
Technical Age: 12
Birthday: December 23
Height: 119cm (3.9ft)
Weight: 31kg (68lbs)
Blood Type: B
Orientation: Doesn't know yet
Yami: Shadow
Fashion: Sandy-Tan Robe, Tan Shorts, Tan Slippers
Marks: Tomb Keeper's Scars on his back
Notes: This account is constantly being updated and profile will more than likely be out-of-date. Please read recent entries to try and get a more detailed understanding of this character. All Underlined Parts of the Bio are Links
Glow is the child version of Dawn and an alternate universe Malik Ishtar. His personality is largely based off of how Malik acts as Namu in the anime and thus he's polite, shy, physically weak, and not very self-confident. Only a few choice parts of him are like Malik's personality. Everything that happens to Glow is remembered by Dawn. Glow is also fully aware of his yami's presence but only knows what happen when Shadow is in control if Shadow allows him.


Glow arrived in the dressing room a few months after receiving the Tomb Keepers Initiation and killing his father. He's still at the point in his life where he doesn't know he killed his father and thinks it was Shadi that did it.

He is very mature for his age but still retains his innocent child-like behaviour. He's also very smart in that he can read complicated materials and speak more than one language almost fluently.

Up until the mirror event as a child, Glow still harbored his hatred for the Pharaoh. It was only afterward did he realize that it wasn't the Pharaoh's fault for his suffering and instead he placed his hatred on his father and himself.

Glow is not like Dawn in that he prefers to spend all of his time playing if he can. He says Dawn is very boring and doesn't like to be around him if they aren't playing a game or Dawn isn't feeding him or letting him stay in his room for the night.


Glow's family consists of Old Maid, and Floret (Bloom and Blossom's child self.), as well as the Isis and Rishid in his world. He has added Pythia to his family.

Glow's friends are Atem, Spazz, Florence and a few random residents of the DR.

Glow doesn't hate anyone in the dressing room. He's scared of the other Yami no Maliks and gets mad at Dawn's doubles but he doesn't hate anyone.

Social capital

  • less than 10